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A Message from the Executive Director:

War had been raging for months. First in New England, but soon Virginia was under attach, Lexington and Concord in April, Bunker Hill in June. As the young Lutheran minister walked to the pulpit on that cold January day in 1776, he knew what he must do. He read from Ecclesiastes 3 “a time to be born, and a time to die…a time to weep, and a time to laugh… a time for war and a time for peace.” He then declared: “It is time for war!” With that declaration, he removed his robe to reveal the full uniform of an office in the Continental Militia. By most historical accounts, some 300 men joined the Reverend Peter Muhlenberg that day to fight for liberty.

We all know that Scottsville, Kentucky is the greatest place on earth this side of heaven. The problem is that the place we all love and cherish is under attack. No, it is not a terrorist or a foreign nation, but it is a plague that is systematically crippling a generation and leaving in its path a wasteland of hopelessness and despair. From the abused and battered child living in a meth infested home to the absentee father or the drug addicted mother, I have seen first hand how drugs and alcohol can destroy homes and shatter lives. The time to act is now! We can no longer hide behind our stained glass windows and ignore the problems taking place in our community. We are called to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. Let us once again come together for a cause greater than ourselves and fight so that we assure our community remains a place that our children are proud to call home.

Shane Britt


To promote the elimination of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among youth and adults in the community through education, prevention and intervention, with attention to programs and activities focusing on faith, but also advocating for environmental changes and public policies supportive of alcohol, tobacco, and drug free living.


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