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About Us

The Scottsville Allen County Faith Coalition was formed in 2006, evolving from a faith based work group under the Allen County KY Agency for Substance Abuse Policy. A group of concerned citizens and stakeholders conducted the workgroup which focused on the alarming rates of youth substance use in the county. As a result the coalition was organized and formed with the guiding principle of reducing youth substance abuse which is reflected in the coalition’s vision and mission statements. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws were filed with the state and the IRS issued 501(c)(3) non-profit status in 2006.

The mission of the Coalition is to promote the elimination of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among youth and adults in the community through education, prevention and intervention, with attention to programs and activities focusing on faith, but also advocating for environmental changes and public policies supportive of alcohol, tobacco, and drug free living. In addition the Coalition will promote prevention, treatment, and recovery from all addictions. The vision of the Coalition is a community that is centered in faith and free of all addictions.

Since the formation of the coalition, the community has been faced with an ever changing drug problem. For example, when meth use reached to epidemic proportions, the coalition organized a meth forum at the Allen County Scottsville High School which brought together local law enforcement, judges, Kentucky State Police, and national politicians. The coalition worked continuously with local law enforcement to curb the epidemic, resulting in a 100% reduction the following year in Meth arrests. Likewise, the coalition is currently monitoring the growing prescription drug problem and has worked with local doctors and pharmacists to create a policy change regarding the disbursement of prescription narcotics in the community. Currently, the coalition is working with the Allen County Sheriff’s Office to educate the community on its responsibility to report illegal alcohol and drug activity in the community.

With reduced Local and State funds to address prevention efforts, the Coalition applied for Federal funding with the Drug Free Communities Support Program. In 2010, the Coalition was awarded a $125,000 grant to address prevention efforts related to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana in Allen County. This award is for 5 years for a total of $625,000 with the ability to reapply for an additional 5 years of funding.

The goals of the Coalition are:

(1) establish and strengthen collaboration among Scottsville Allen County Faith Coalition’s partner organizations in support of the community’s effort to prevent and reduce substance use among youth; and (2) reduce substance use among youth in Allen County, KY, and, over time, reduce substance abuse among adults by addressing the community issues that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse.

The Coalition will achieve its goals by implementing these strategies:

(1) Assess public perception of ATOD issues and challenges
(2) Provide impact on the impact of Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescription Medications, and Marijuana on the community
(3) Provide information to correct misperceptions among youth
(4) Change policies to limit youth access to Alcohol and Tobacco
(5) Training for Coalition Staff and Members to address Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana

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